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Every Woman Works, Inc.

2017 Year-End Giving Campaign


Fall has arrived! The beautiful colors, cool crisp mornings and the warmth of my favorite sweater tells me that its time to make that seasonal transition that I look forward to every year.


It is also time to thank you for your generous contributions in the past to Every Woman Works, Inc. Your donation has helped so much, but the need is still great. 100% of the women we serve live below the national poverty level. Many of the women are single, head of households with children. These are the women we want to serve regardless of their ability to pay. We do not want to turn anyone away.


Lisa’s story is an example of a woman struggling to break the crippling hold of poverty and homelessness. She is 28 and has a son who is 5. The domestic abuse she suffered became extremely dangerous for her and her son. She had to make a hard decision. She left with nothing. Her self-esteem was shattered after years of emotional and physical abuse. Every Woman Works helped her pick up the pieces of her life. Two months after walking through our doors, she is on her way! She has a job, her son is in a subsidized day care program. She has hope today. She volunteers her time to Every Woman Works now, helping in our Bee Boutique and with other women coming into the program. She is passing it on.


Every Woman Works is committed to help women transition from a life of dependency to self-sufficiency; transitioning from a life that has given them violence, depression, addictions and poverty -a life that has destroyed their self confidence, a life that robbed them of their self determination.


Please support Every Woman Works and the great work we do to transform the lives of women and their children. The program gives women the life skills that support their success and their future. The results are truly phenomenal.


“Donate” below and help us to change lives daily. I appreciate your support in the past and know that I can count on your help, because, like me its our ability to give to others that gives our lives true purpose and meaning.

Make A Recurring Donation


Every Woman Works supports our community by “moving women from dependency to self-sufficiency”.

  • We inspire women to envision and begin the journey of realizing their best selves.
  • We provide women with tools, training and education necessary to sustain self-sufficiency.
  • We offer women opportunities and coaching to secure and retain gainful employment.


Help us to continue to make a positive change in the lives of women and their families by becoming a monthly donor.  Your donations support our ability to bring services and hope to hundreds of women and their children every year.


If you would like to make a one-time donation, select the amount below and donate online, or mail your check or money order to:


Every Woman Works, Inc.
1215 Hightower Trail, Bldg D, Suite 101 Atlanta, GA 30350
To discontinue monthly pledges, please contact us via email.donate@everywomanworks.org


Become A Corporate Sponsor


Our Corporate Sponsors provide tuition for many of the women who complete our program each year.  Please join our growing list of Corporate Sponsors who provide not only tuition, but also job opportunities for our graduates.

Enter your donation amount in the donation form below.  For your convenience we have listed our sponsorship levels below.

Corporate Sponsorship

Queen Bee-$15,000

Platinum Bee-$10,000

Gold Bee-$7.500

Silver Bee-$5,000

Bronze Bee-$2,500